Welcome to OnTrack

OnTrack is a team-driven and technology-supported sponsorship initiative designed to accelerate professional growth, promote career advancement, and unlock leadership opportunities for lawyers.

Who we are

OnTrack is a combination of three ideas – OnTrack Sponsorship Teams, the OnTrack App, and the Five Year Moment – that were initially developed by several teams of law firm partners as part of Diversity Lab’s 2016 Women in Law Hackathon, hosted by Stanford Law School and sponsored by Bloomberg Law. The talent experts at Diversity Lab have further developed the ideas and combined them into a unique sponsorship platform with a newly created supporting technology. Ten trailblazing law firms are working with us to pilot OnTrack in 2018.

Please visit our website to learn more about Diversity Lab and our other projects, including the Mansfield Rule and the 2018 Diversity in Law Hackathons.

Our goal

OnTrack’s team and technology platform was built to supercharge the sponsor-protégé relationship, with an emphasis on goal setting and tracking, accountability, and high levels of engagement from a core support team – including an influential partner, a management committee liaison, and an external coach – all of whom bring a different expertise and background to support their protégé’s career advancement. Team members work in concert to serve as advocates and champions for their protégé on key objectives relating to client service, business development, internal and external visibility, and business knowledge.

how it works

Each protégé is asked to complete a career questionnaire prior to starting her or his OnTrack journey. Based on the results of the questionnaires, protégés are assigned key goals for the year and matched with high-level sponsors. Participants for OnTrack for Leadership (junior partners) and OnTrack for Partnership (senior associates) will be assigned level-appropriate goals and sponsors.

The teams leverage Diversity Lab’s customized sponsorship technology to track their progress on goal completion. Protégés and support team members earn points by completing goals, building community by giving “shout outs” to each other, and viewing and sharing valuable knowledge related to the protégé’s goals. Points are tallied on the OnTrack Leaderboard in real time, so teams can see where they stand in relation to the firm’s other OnTrack teams. Teams with the most points each quarter are awarded prizes that include meetings with prominent legal department leaders.

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